Browse android smartphone SD Card files wirelessly

SD card files of your android smart phone is usually browsed from PC or laptop by connecting the phone to PC with data cable. Most of us have at least once thought of accessing the sd card files without data cable;that is wirelessly. Yes, now it is possible with a cool free android app ‘software data cable’.

Software data cable uses your android smart phone’s WiFi to create a new wifi hotspot. By connecting to the newly created wireless connection, you are able to browse the sd card files. You can copy, paste, move, delete, do whatever with the files on the sd card. The app has the advantage of not using the phone’s bluetooth connection for file transfer. The developers certify that the app is fast, secure, free and have no impact on users mobile data plan. Another merit of software data cable is that, it is not needed to install any driver or application on your PC or Laptop to access the sd card files. It is done with the help of PC’s internet browser. File transfer speed is upto 54MB/sec. So, by installing software data cable you can send photos, music, videos, apps etc. to other phones, tablets,PADs, PC, MAC, Laptop, Google TV, Cloud storage, Xbox etc.

How to transfer sd card files with software data cable?

android sd card browsing wirelessly

android sd card browsing wirelessly

1. Install software data cable pro app from google play.

download link

2. open software data cable app, click on ‘start service’. Click on ‘create network’. Now a new window appears showing the network ssid and password.

3. Click on ‘setup ssid’.

4. Enable the WiFi in your laptop/PC. Search for networks. Connect to network named ‘sdc-pbfbi’. To know the password, once again open software data cable on mobile, click on ‘settings tab’ on right bottom. Slide down to see ‘setup wifi hotspot’. Click on that. There you will be able to access the wifi password. You are also permitted to change password if required. Click seve on password change.

5. After connecting to the network, open any browser or windows explorer.

6. Enter ‘′ in the address bar and press enter.

7. Now click and open ‘mnt’ folder. Now you will see ‘sd card’ named folder. Open it and do whatever you want.


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