Reverse Tethering in Android Smart Phones

Tethering is usually referred to as sharing of internet connection of smart phones to a laptop or any other device over a wireless network. So, is reverse tethering possible? The answer is yes. It is possible to share the internet connection of your Desktop or Laptop to your Android Smart Phone over Wifi. The only task you should do, is to install a handy software on your PC.

Reverse tethering

Reverse tethering

The advantage of reverse tethering is that you can save the cost of a 3G/4G internet plan being done on your android smart phone, instead use the high speed internet connection available to PC. There are mainly two methods to accomplish reverse tethering. The first one is by creating an ad-hoc network in your windows PC which is tedious and bit difficult. The second and the easiest way is to install reverse tethering/virtual router software in your laptop.

There are a number of such softwares available for this purpose. ‘Virtual Router’, ‘Virtual Router Plus’, ‘Connectify’ are some of them. I installed and tried three of them. All are working fine. The demerit of ‘Virtual Router’ is that, unwanted ad pages will get automatically opened in your browser when the routing is activated. In this case, you should go for ‘Download Virtual Router Plus ‘ which is simple, easy to use and light. If you need a better software, you can go for ‘Download Connectify‘ which has more advanced options.

Install the desired software. If you are installing Virtual Router Plus, at the first step of installation, select ‘Custom’ and untick the column below instead of ‘Express’ as otherwise it will change your default search engine and browser home page. In the next step press ‘Skip’. Wait for installation to complete. Open the software. Set the hotspot password and simply press the start hotspot/start virtual router plus button. As the next step switch ON your WiFi on your android smart phone/tablet and connect to network named Connectify-me/ Enter the password and enjoy internet connection in your Smart Phone.

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